Format: 4K

Camera: Red MX

Director: Jamie Chambers

Production Company: Deerstalker Films/Transgressive North

Length: 90 minutes (approx)

Year: 2013

Synopsis: Ruadhan struggles to come to terms with the passing away of a way of life in the small fishing village of Port Aran. Will Ruadhan help shape the future of the town or sow the seeds of its ruin?

Copyright: Deerstalker Films/Transgressive North

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Reviews for Blackbird:

“The anger that motivates him is offset by delicate imagery; the camera keeps being distracted, Malick-style, by the natural beauty of Ruadhan's disappearing world” – Guardian 27th June 2013

“Beautifully shot” – Screen Daily 23rd June 2013

“Blackbird is gorgeously shot by DoP John Craine, graduating here from short films. The crisp morning air seems to float into the cinema by way of the screen, as Craine unsentimentally captures the delicate small town aesthetic of a Scottish coastal village” - Catherine Bray Film4 Blog 26th June 2013

“Blackbird is beautifully shot … really brings out the stark beauty of Galloway …” - Cinetalk

“The artistic cinematography brings out the fragile beauty of this disappearing world, contrasting the graceful isolation of the natural environment with the troubled developments of life in the town” – Sound on Sight 28th June 2013

“The cinematography is elegant and captures the wild Scottish landscape beautifully, playing as much a character as its cast itself.” – MovieReviewWorld July 1st 2013